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06/14/2013 - New Books Now Available
Guides to Windows 7 and 8
02/26/2013 - Windows 8 Apps Tutorial
Watch the Tutorial Video
02/26/2013 - IE10 Released
IE10 for Windows 7 Released
02/17/2013 - Charms Bar Tutorial
Watch the Tutorial Video
02/15/2013 - Start Screen Tutorial
Watch the Tutorial Video


Standard Desktops

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We offer a wide variety of fully customizable desktop systems built to fit your needs.

Our systems can be configured to meet the needs of both
cost and performance

Call for your customized system specs and prices.

Windows 7 and Windows 8

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Windows 7 Jump Lists

Click pictures on the left to view many of the following features:

Multitouch (on supported devices)

Improved Taskbar

Jump Lists

Snap & Peek Desktop Enhancements

Improved Device Management


Enhanced Security

Two Way Firewall

Antispam Protection

Phishing Filters

Windows Defender Antispyware Protection

Windows Sidebar

Aero Glass Theme

Windows Flip 3D

Live Thumbnails

Windows Media Center

Integrated Search

Enhanced Backup Solutions

Some features are only available in certain editions of Windows 7 and Windows 8. Some features may require advanced hardware.

Custom Built Laptops

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We have many different styles of our custom built laptops to choose from.

These units are at the cutting edge of mobile processor technology.

We can match your needs for RAM, storage, processing speed, and software, all at an excellent price.

High Performance Custom Computers

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We can build the machine you've been dreaming of.
Our High Performance systems are designed to give you the power
you need at a price you can afford.

We have a large assortment of window cases and lighted systems for your powerhouse PC.

Hardware and Software

Windows 7 Home Premium Windows 8
Norton Antivirus 2013 Office 2007

From Operating Systems and Office Software, to Antivirus and firewall programs,
we carry many software applications in stock.

Looking to upgrade your system's hardware components?
We can help determine the best way to upgrade your system at an affordable price.
We have the upgrades that are right for you.

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